Let our staff of talented decorators and designers create the haven you've been dreaming of. We can walk you
through the design process, take the guesswork and uncertainty out of decorating, and help you customize your
space into a beautiful vision as individual as you.  Accessorizing is an essential key to great design. We offer
artwork, lighting, and hundreds of accessories to complete the concept or theme in every room of your home.
"Accessorizing is an essential key to great design."
Our designers can help you prioritize your interior projects in simple step-by-step, room-by-room order. Bring in
your floor plans, or schedule an in-home appointment with one of our decorators, and we can help you space plan
even the most difficult to arrange rooms. Every room will be given the greatest attention to detail while maintaining
all aspects of functionality.
"Don't settle for less."
Reflect your individual taste with Timlin's custom order service. Get exactly what you want, how you want it.
Change fabrics, wood finishes, welts, pillows, cushions, trim, and more. With thousands of fabrics to choose from
you're certain to find the perfect piece you're looking for.